UP Printshop

UP Printshop is a new unique webshop platform built for card printing. The solution is based on latest Ruby on Rails software.

  • Easy to build print and design suggestions
  • Dynamic products generated on the fly
  • Fast and advanced Online Editor
  • Orders come in "ready to print"
  • Possibly the most advanced solution available for card printing


All Types of Cards

UP Print can be used on all types of Cards including complex Traditional Cards. What can be printed where is defined per page and each page has a transparency mask, a print mask and available Tools.


Unique 3 layer Concept

Up Print features are made possible due to the unique 3 layer concept

  1. Product : Item number, stock, pages, masks
  2. Preset : Print suggestion, language, add-ons
  3. Shop Item : Description, price, tagging, order-variables



  • XLS import / export
  • Advanced Online Editor
  • Default users
  • Fonts module
  • Vector files module
  • Currencies
  • Languages
  • SEO features
  • Shipping module
  • Multiple Templates
  • View personalized products (own names etc.)