Calligraphen Wedding


Calligraphen’s Romance Shop offers, among other things, online sale and advanced configuration of wedding invitations, menus and acknowledgement cards. This is the perfect site for bridal couples to be in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The online shop is truly unique and tailored with advanced XML and .Net programming to fulfil our customer’s needs.
Efficient Internet solutions for different markets and needs
Since the beginning in Sweden in 1989 Calligraphen has expanded both in and outside cyberspace. In 1997 a new branch opened in Denmark and in 2000 another one followed in Finland. Dandesign and Calligraphen began their business relationship more than 8 years ago, and a successful collaboration has resulted in several efficient Internet solutions as alternatives to traditional catalogue order.
Calligraphen is primarily supplier of wedding accessories and wedding cards, but the company is also the major Scandinavian supplier of Christmas cards for companies. The Christmas cards are now sold through 5 online shops in Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swiss, and in this context Calligraphen collaborates with several charity organisations. Furthermore, a business collection website contains exclusive printed matter for the business community.
Economic growth and increased value
Calligraphen’s products are well suited for sale on the Internet. Nowadays it is of utmost importance to have a high-quality and user-friendly website, and customers often expect more than just a simple online catalogue. Calligraphen experiences an ever increasing sale through Internet, and the online romance shop accounts for more than 65% of the total sale of wedding products.